Free File Manager for Windows и Linux

jc - it's a two-panel crossplatform file manager, like NC or FAR.

Main Features
 • works in any operating system with Java virtual machine;
 • comfortable file system navigation;
 • view folders in tabs;
 • file operations: execution, copy, move, delete, search;
 • file search by mask and content;
 • internal file editor;
 • network support (using jcifs lib);
 • internal unpacker (zip/jar/tar/tar.gz/tgz);
 • internal zip-packer;
 • internal image viewer (jpg, gif, png, bmp);
 • user hot keys support;
 • multilingual support.

What's new in jc 0.657
 • added - partial drag and drop support (files can be dropped to the jc window from other programs);
 • added - new command - copy file to the current dir (Shift+F5);
 • added - system icons for files;
 • added - Italian loclization (by joe20;
 • fixed - search in text locks files;
 • fixed - Hot keys "Copy path" and "Copy name" are mixed;
 • fixed - File cleared when copied to itself;
 • fixed - Search - Any text can be found in empty file;
 • fixed - some small bugs.

Java 1.5 or later is required to run jc. Java 1.6 is recommended, you can download it at

jc launch
If Java vrtaul machine is installed properly, jc can be runned by double click on jc.jar. To run jc from command line
execute java -jar jc.jar command. You can use jc_win.exe to run jc in Windows OS.

jc is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License
Additionally, jc uses the following third party works:
The Commons-IO library is used by jc under the terms of the Apache license
The jCIFS library is used under the terms of the LGPL license

Download jc 0.657

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